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Getting the best from our food

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Blending science and cookery to ensure New Zealand produce performs to its full flavour and texture potential

Farm-to-Table Partnership

TDK is a partnership between leading chefs Dale Bowie and Shepherd Elliott, and Lone Star Farms.  Together we aim to maximise flavour experiences for consumers by developing, testing and implementing, changes that improve food quality and flavour, across the value chain.

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Deliver premium prices by developing higher quality products.  


Help the primary sector test and prove techniques that drive sustainability.


Build trust with consumers through proven methods that improve flavour experience.

Putting ideas
on a plate 

The Development Kitchen is a place where ideas can be developed, tested, refined and commercialised.  We have a custom built and fully equipped test kitchen facility in central Wellington, with tasting evaluation booths and access to cutting edge scientific equipment to support our research and development. 

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The Development Kitchen is the brainchild of Dale Bowie, who has a science background, has owned a top New Zealand restaurant and has worked as a development chef for Heston Blumenthal and Gordon Ramsay.  Dale works in partnership with Shepherd Elliott, owner of top Wellington restaurants Shepherd and Concord.  Together, Dale and Shepherd offer a unique skillset - pairing scientific knowledge and process with a flair for food and flavour. 

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